Monday, October 11, 2010

Mo' motivation

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We can all think of times when we've started a new diet or exercise regime.  Typically, right off the bat, we're ON IT.  We're excited to show the world what we can do AND we know in our hearts that we can do it.

If we were in a movie, this would be the time that we'd get that determined look in our eyes, purse our mouths, throw the box of doughnuts in the trash, and don our finest leg warmers.  "St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)" may or may not be playing in the background during this momentous life changing decision.

Only sometimes, that resolve doesn't last long.  And it's then that we look around to others for motivation.

Since I'm a giver, here are some great ways to get your exercise on:
  •  Run to the Krispy Kreme farthest from you before indulging in your favorite pastry.
  • Listen to obnoxious Muzak songs (you know, the stuff they play in elevators) at all times OTHER than when you're exercising.  You'll be sure to do anything just to avoid another Kenny G song.
  •  Tell your significant other that they're fat and then let them chase you around the yard.
  •  Rent a huge dog.  Get roller skates.  Let the dog pull you around the block.  Then switch.
  •  Get a kiddie pool and put it up in your yard.  Swim laps in it.
  • Try to put said kiddie pool back into the original bag it came in.
  •  Turn your living room wall into a climbing wall by bolting random household items to it a stride's distance apart from each other.  Then climb up and down it.
  •  Pretend you're John or Sarah Conner and that there are Terminators after you - run like crazy.
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