Friday, February 18, 2011

Win a Walgreens Gift Card!

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Walgreens.

When I was approached by Walgreens (and BlogHer) to review their products and to give away a $100 gift card to Walgreens, I was thrilled.  Kinda' beyond thrilled actually.

See, Joe and I live in downtown Denver. While there are a lot of perks to living where we do, one of my favorites is how close we live to a Walgreens - it's literally less than a block away.

I'm not kidding you, that place was a godsend when I had my surgery last year. I couldn't drive to pick up gauze, tape, hydrogen peroxide, and countless meds, but I could walk to the Walgreens. In, fact, being that close to a Walgreens was the only convenient thing around my surgery.  So getting to review products that I already know and love is pretty awesome.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

When I was a kid, we shopped at the PX because my dad was in the Army. The PX had only brand name items - so as a kid, I grew up thinking that brand name products were the best. It wasn't due to snobbery, it's just what I knew and what was/has been familiar.

All that changed a few years ago. I had taken a lower paying job because I was more interested in the challenge of the job. And that meant that I needed to watch where my money was spent.

Enter my local Walgreens.

I had always gone there for prescription refills, but to use their generic line? No thank you. I wanted something that would actually work thankyouverymuch.

But the lure of the lower prices got me to actually pick up the boxes and compare the active ingredients. And you know what? They're EXACTLY the same as the brand name ones. What's more, they were 100% guaranteed.

I tried the Walgreens Brand, reluctantly at first, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they worked just as well as the brand name products I had grown up with.  Since then, we only buy the Walgreens Brand.

These are the products we have stocked continually at our house.

The thing I love about them is that it's a great way to head off the cold or allergy season without breaking the budget. I know that I can trust the quality of the ingredients. And if I have any questions, I can always ask the pharmacists that work there - they know their stuff.

So what Walgreens Brand products do we routinely use?
1. Wal-phed PE and Wal-phed Sinus PE. The variances in Colorado weather really do a number on our heads. With these (and the Sinus Congestion & Pain), we are able to relieve our symptoms and enjoy a good night's sleep...while still being able to get and battle the cold all over again the next day.  The thing that I love about these is that you don't get that horrible "medicine head" that I can get with other products.  You take it and you feel better...simple as that.

2. Wal-dryl. I used to think that my allergies only bothered me in the summer months. Turns out a LOT of stuff blooms in the wintertime. I don't know what I'm allergic to, but I know that these little pink pills save our noses and throats as needed year round.

And here's a tip for you all:  lots of times, Walgreens has buy-one-get-one-free on their Walgreens Brand allergy and cold/flu medications.  We luck out on the sale several times a year, just by paying close attention to the signs in the store.  It makes your dollar stretch even farther - and let's face it, we can all use that these days.

No doubt about it, without Walgreens, we wouldn't have the convenience and the ease (hello, one stop shopping!)...and we also wouldn't have the extra change in our pockets.  Their brand saves us money and gets us back on our feet quickly.

Now here's where you can get your very own $100 gift card for Walgreens.  Out of the myriad of items they sell there, you won't be disappointed.

Just leave a comment about what Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness products you've tried and loved (or what ones you're looking forward to) and you'll automatically be entered to win the $100 gift card from Walgreens and BlogHer.  If you're not familiar with all their products, you can click here to get acquainted.

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